About Us

Who we are?

We are a team of passionate educators envisioning a world of learners with equal learning opportunities. Our mission is to create a transformative educational experience that combines cutting-edge technology, expert teachers, captivating designs, and personalized content to deliver engaging learning opportunities. With a blend of entertainment and knowledge, Madrasty offers a contemporary approach to the Egyptian curriculum through captivating short videos presented by highly qualified educators. Through the creative use of visual effects, animation, and graphic design, we provide a delightful and immersive online learning environment. Uniquely, Madrasty introduces an unprecedented way of learning in the MENA region with catchy educational songs. These songs enhance the learning process and make it enjoyable for students. Additionally, we offer online live sessions with dedicated teachers, ensuring support and guidance. Our comprehensive educational resources extend beyond videos and songs. Madrasty provides an extensive question bank, covering a wide range of subjects and proficiency levels. Students can further reinforce their knowledge with lesson quizzes, offering an extensive assessment of their understanding. Unlock the potential of interactive and enjoyable learning with Madrasty. Join us today and experience the future of education!

Interactive Videos

At Madrasty, we revolutionize the learning experience through our interactive videos. We strongly believe in creating an enjoyable and immersive educational journey for students. Our platform offers nontraditional, short, and easily comprehensible videos. Each video focuses on specific concepts, allowing students to grasp them thoroughly before moving on to more complex subjects. Experience learning like never before with Madrasty's innovative approach!

Learning Through Songs

Madrasty revolutionizes learning in the MENA region by introducing captivating and trendy educational songs. Research has proven that music stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, facilitating enhanced comprehension and memorization. Consequently, students grasp concepts and information more rapidly, leading to a deeper understanding.